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Knowing me, Knowing you-The power of profiling in businesses communication

04 June 2021 — 10:00am to 11:00am

Venue: Online Event

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About this Event

Are you tired of not being listened to?

Have you ever ended up in an argument because you were misunderstood?

Has a colleague’s inability to see your point, left you totally baffled?

If you answered YES to any of these things, you will definitely want to attend this webinar!

Behavioral consultant, Michelle McArthur-Morgan, Founding Partner of Jigsaw Discovery and creator of the Jigsaw Discovery Tool will take us on a journey to discover the power of self-awareness and understanding.

Learn how to leverage your strengths and hidden talents to be a more effective communicator, leader and team member.

About Michelle

Michelle is an experienced manager and leader of people, with a passion for helping and supporting individuals and teams to unleash their potential to maximise, performance, health and happiness.

Since 2008, she has focused upon how the brain drives behavior and the links between increased awareness, wellbeing and performance. Michelle applies some of the latest evidenced thinking from Neuroscience and Positive Psychology to the workplace, enabling managers and team members to introduce more brain friendly working which leads to increased personal and organisational wellbeing and performance.

Michelle is also the co-creator of the Jigsaw Discovery, a behavioral profiling tool which provides an immersive and interactive social learning experience, which amazes learners with the accuracy and practicality of the learning. Organisations using the Jigsaw Discovery Tool, benefit through increased engagement and collaboration, improved communication and teamwork, reduced stress related absenteeism and higher levels of productivity

Join us as we discuss:

• The link between self-awareness, performance and wellbeing

• Why behaviors matter

• Behavioral Preferences, strengths and hidden talents

• Practical tips to help you get your message heard and understood, build healthy working relationships and inspire people to take action

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