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AD:venture - Time Four A Change: 4 Areas of SEO Explained

27 April 2021 — 9:30am to 12:00pm

Venue: Online Event

SEO is SO complicated!!!!

We hear this. A lot.

When you are growing a new business, SEO can feel like just another one of the many things you need to be an expert in.

Yet……you also know you need to do it. If you aren’t, your competitors are, and that’s something no business can afford. Especially a new one.

But what’s the best approach? How do you know where to start? How do you know what to focus your time and energy on? What will give you the value your business needs?

Search the web for the answer to those questions and you’ll also find there are hundreds of different viewpoints. You will probably end up down a rabbit hole of algorithms all competing to answer your question.

And chances are, none of them actually will!

Well, in our view it’s Time Four A Change.

This session has been created by Wildfire Marketing for AD:VENTURE, and during the workshop we will answer your questions in a practical and helpful way, looking at 4 essential areas of SEO that will have a direct impact on your business and your bottom line!

What to expect from the session:

You’ll cover 4 key areas

1. Website optimisation basics

• Page keywords – Primary and secondary

• Page content

• Webpage meta data (title and descriptions)

• Image ALT tags – What are they and how do I change them

2. Website performance

• What is it

• How do we test it

• How do we improve it

3. Social media

• Why is it important for your SEO

• Consistency across your social media channels

• How to use your social media effectively for SEO

4. Blogging

• Why write blogs

• How blogs have changed over the last few years

• Thoughts and ideas on blogging

Places on this workshop will be limited, so please book your place as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.


Logging on to the session:

You will receive a reminder email two days before the online workshop this will give you the link and password you will require to enter the session.

You will be taken to a registration page, if you can fill out your details in and click register you will be taken through to the online workshop.

The workshop will start prompt at 10am, however for our records you will be required to sign into the session. Therefore can I ask you log on to the workshop from 9.30am.

Once you are in the session, you will receive a signing in sheet, if you can follow the instructions via the email and sign the document online and click complete.

The AD:VENTURE programme delivers ERDF funded growth support to existing businesses in their first 3 years of trading and for people planning to start a business within the Leeds City Region.

The AD:VENTURE programme is supported by the 2014 – 2020 European Regional Development Fund.