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A team that executes every time by Winning Pitch

01 October 2020 — 9:00am to 10:30am

Venue: online

How to convince a funder that you can convert your strategic intent into an operational reality

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Investors rarely invest in a business or even an idea, they invest in the Management Team that (they hope) will execute the strategy. A great team with an average idea will always get funded more than a great idea with an average team. So how do you give confidence to Investors that you will make “it” happen?

This webinar will cover the following proven techniques:

• 3 big reasons why Investors are naturally sceptical of your ability to execute on our plan

• Focusing on the Vital Few objectives rather than the trivial many… we’ll show you how to “pan for goals”

• GOT planning template… to schedule activities and resources at a more granular level so they get done.

• Performance Dashboards… how to create a highly visual scoreboard featuring leading and lagging measures to keep you on track

• Creating a high-performance culture… how to develop a team where everyone keeps everyone else on track plus a proven model for those “difficult” 1-2-1 performance conversations.


Steve Young, Director at Winning Pitch and Scaleup Consultant

An accomplished and highly successful management consultant with a peerless track record associated with helping businesses to grow faster, stronger, for longer. From pre-start entrepreneurs to global winners like Google, Steve has developed and devised the “Growthology” techniques which have helped thousands of companies to break through the barriers and successfully scale their business to new heights. As a Director of 3 very successful high growth firms, Steve’s presentations offer practical “how–to” techniques and real-world stories guaranteed to inspire, educate and entertain.

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