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Wakefield Bondholders- VIDEO IS KING: The Power Of Video For Your Business With Stada Media CEO

06 November 2020 — All day

Venue: Online Event

Video producer and entrepreneur Danny Lacey breaks down why your business should be taking advantage of the growing powerhouse that is video.

About this Event

Video producer and entrepreneur Danny Lacey breaks down why your business should be taking advantage of the growing powerhouse that is video in this exciting free webinar.

About this Event

Did you know that in 2022, 82% of global internet traffic will come from video?

Video is an unavoidable force in the marketing world today, with demand for the moving picture growing more and more by the second. Its ability to communicate in a way that’s entertaining, engaging AND digestible is what brings marketers back for more, with 88% being satisfied with their ROI from a video marketing campaign on social media.

Today, many companies struggle to market their products and services well using the same old methods – written copy, images and graphics just don’t cut it anymore. What businesses need is a world their audience can dive into with the click of a play button.

What’s more, the current climate of COVID-19 has sent the demand for video into overdrive. With more and more businesses grappling for customers in such an uncertain time, they’re looking for the best of the best to sell themselves to their audience – and video is what will achieve this for them.

In this free webinar, Danny Lacey will teach you an epic lesson on the power of video. From the possibilities and logistics of video to the impact and results it can bring you, Danny has all of the answers to your burning questions.

Some of the areas covered in this webinar will include, but aren’t limited to:

• How video can help you communicate a lot better with your audience

• The educational power of video

• Video’s effect on your ROI

• Why Google loves video

• The truth about the costs of video and why you don’t need to be a millionaire – but you should be prepared to pay for quality

• Some top tips on distributing your video to the right audience

…and there’s so much more! If you want to turn your business’ marketing up several notches, don’t miss this event – it’s absolutely free and full to the brim with value.

About Danny Lacey & Stada Media

Danny Lacey is the CEO and founder of Wakefield-based video production company Stada Media. Since his humble roots in 2009, Danny has seen his business grow from a one-man band to a solid team of video marketing experts, providing quality video to businesses across the UK.

Stada Media’s services include live-action, animation, 3D visualisation, motion graphics, live streaming, and graphic design.

The company has worked with the likes of Cadbury, GE Healthcare and Wakefield Council, with its clients spanning across multiple industries.

Stada Media is currently based in Wakefield city centre, with ambitious plans to continue growing following a huge spurt in video demand in 2020.

Off the back of his strong industry experience, Danny is eager to share his video knowledge with as many audiences as he can.

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