The Positive Mental Health Network

11 June 2021

The Positive Mental Health Network is an independent, informal group.  It was formed initially by a small number of local community groups that support people with mild to moderate mental health concerns, but widened out to include everyone interested in supporting/improving mental health within their own networks (social and work).  The network covers the whole of Wakefield District.  During lockdown the network grew in numbers from around 60 to over 160 members/representatives from groups and organisations large and small.  As we were unable to meet, we shared information via weekly newsletters – latest editions can be read/downloaded from: Mental health support - Wakefield Council

Anyone is welcome to join the network.  Contact for more information.

  The purpose of the network is to:

  • Reduce the stigma around mental health
  • Promote the benefits of prevention and self-help
  • Promote the individual organisations that are members of the network by raising awareness of them and the work they do
  • Increase knowledge of local mental health support provision amongst network members, the general public and statutory authorities
  • Share information, good practice, ideas and support each other to ultimately help to improve outcomes for people with mental health challenges
  • Wherever possible work together in supporting individuals – and thereby maximising the use of scarce resource (money, time and knowledge)