01 December 2022

The festive season is here, and Wakefield Council know people are more likely to want to celebrate by going out – whether it’s for Christmas parties, drinks, or food.


But sometimes things might not always stay feeling joyful and merry when out, and people can end up in an uncomfortable spot, or feeling unsafe.

When this happens, we want everyone to know that the district’s Ask for Angela scheme has their back and can offer some help getting out of a situation discreetly. Because by asking a staff member for ‘Angela’, they’ll then know help is required.  

Staff can then assist without fuss by:

  • Calling and helping the person to a taxi
  • Providing a safe space
  • Reuniting the individual with a friend
  • Calling venue security and/or the police if needed and safe to do so

To learn more about the Ask for Angela scheme in the Wakefield district, visit

If you’re interested in being a participating venue and helping keep more people safe in the Wakefield district, get in touch. Our dedicated team, in partnership with West Yorkshire Police, can provide you with further information on the Ask for Angela campaign, deliver training to staff, and arrange getting supportive material to you for use.