Leeds Beckett University launches a new Digital Marketing Degree Apprenticeship

09 November 2023

Leeds Beckett University is launching a new Digital Marketing Degree Apprenticeship (2 year course) 95% funded by the Apprenticeship Levy starting in January 2024.

This is ideally for businesses looking to upskill staff but the Degree Apprenticeship Team can help match businesses to new talent/apprentices if they have had any interest in the course.

The deadline for applications is 30th November 2023.

The Business School is hosting an online employers talk (MS Teams) to provide more information on 15th November at 3pm. 

If any of your businesses are interested they can contact or Clare Newton

Eligibility Criteria and Commitment Below:

Under the funding rules, we can’t take self-employed applicants or sole traders,  or directors with no separate identifiable line manager to undertake the role of employer.

Applicants also have to:

  • Be resident in the UK (and have been resident for the past 3 years)
  • Spend at least 50% of their working time working in England (e.g. if they lived in Wales and worked in Bristol for over 50% of their time they would be ok, but if they lived and worked in Wales they would not be eligible, same goes for Scotland and Ireland)
  • Have a contract of employment that lasts for at least the duration of the apprenticeship (e.g. if someone was on a 2 year fixed term contract and the apprenticeship is for 3 years, they would not be eligible because their contract would finish before the apprenticeship finished)

Employers must be willing to:

  • Give them 20% time off the job
  • Provide them with a mentor
  • Ensure they are exposed to relevant activities/tasks/projects in the workplace to put into practice the theory they are learning in university (so they would need to have a marketing role, or at least for marketing to form a large part of their role)

Additional information can be found here: Degree Apprenticeships: BA (Hons) Digital Marketer | Leeds Beckett University