Policelot: Film and TV police prop and set hire brings Hollywood filmmaking to Wakefield

01 July 2024

Policelot are film and TV police specialists, who supply genuine police props and costumes to various production companies and projects. Additionally, the company also offers extensive training to advise supporting artists how to successfully act as police personnel in the background of many of your favourite TV shows and films. They’ve worked on Hollyoaks, Coronation Street, Spooks and countless other high-profile projects.

With the free, tailored support of Wakefield First, Policelot were able to get curated information on potential properties in the district through our Inward Investment Team. Additionally, our team are looking into supporting the business with new energy efficient lighting for the studio, carbon footprint measuring and producing a CRP (Carbon Reduction Plan).

Wakefield First has also enable Policelot to gain access to the creative and professional communities and organisations that run throughout Wakefield. Also, we have signposted them to the numerous monthly networking events in the area.

Funding is another key area we continue to support them with, in various areas.

Policelot started as a one room business to now having their impressive premises in Wakefield, with plenty of room to expand.

The company got their start 28 years ago in Wakefield and have amassed an impressive collection of props and costumes from riot shields to police badges to body armour. Policelot also have an extensive archive of general props that can be used in productions of all kinds. The business has a large focus on recycling and makes use of many items that would have been otherwise disposed of. They’re eager to expand their ever-growing collection of genuine props, so please get in touch if you’d like to donate any items you’re no longer using (

In terms of their onsite sets their facility is currently outfitted with a cell, custody suite, reception and interview room. A fully outfitted photography suite and open creative space are also available. The company are currently building additional sets including a hospital room, terrace street and more.

From a training perspective, Policelot are registered with Highfield to give expert training on a vast range of topics like firearms, forensics, method of entry and various others. They also regularly work with retired police officers to train them to be advisors in film and TV.

While there are some productions which have shot in Wakefield in the past, including Emmerdale, A Touch of Frost, Lost in Austen, Policelot are keen to encourage production companies to film in and around the Wakefield District. They have a long-term goal of making Wakefield a northern hub for filmmaking.

Let’s find out how our Business Support Team could assist you and your business today. Email our team at to find out more, or the Wakefield First website.

Are you interested in being a police extra? Or perhaps you’d like to use their impressive sets or rent their props for filming? Get in touch with Policelot using the contact details below:

Phone: 07871 335999
Website: Police Prop Hire - Policelot