Wakefield District Economic Wellbeing Strategy 2024-2029

We are pleased to launch our new Wakefield District Economic Wellbeing Strategy 2024 – 2029. Our vision is focussed on improving the wellbeing of our people and communities, by nurturing a just economy. Building on what works well and boldly tackling what doesn’t.

Our strategy will provide a strategic framework for the Council and its partners. It will guide a delivery of activity towards achieving a wellbeing economy that benefits people in Wakefield over the next five years.

The strategy focuses on three key core ambitions, underpinned by nine defined and impactful missions. These will deliver a culture of economic wellbeing for the Wakefield District. Our approach demands a step change in terms of the bold decisions we will need to make in order to drive the change that is required.

Ambition 1: Deliver a just transition for Wakefield’s carbon intensive businesses and springboard our key industries of the future.


  • Grow our key quality sectors: health and social care, digital and low carbon.
  • Drive better jobs and a just transition within transport, warehousing, and manufacturing.
  • Stimulate a community led economic development and ownership.


  • Quality growth sectors
  • Better jobs and more sustainable businesses
  • Greater capacity in communities to support local people.

Ambition 2: Generate high-quality and rewarding employment for Wakefield’s growing population.


  • Ensure employers prepare the next generation for quality jobs in health and social care, digital and low carbon.
  • Ensure providers are ready to give young people the skills they will need in health and social care, digital and low carbon.
  • Empower schools and young people to shape future careers and aspirations.


  • Better career prospects for local people.
  • Business growth enabled by better skills provision.
  • Wider participation of our young people in Wakefield businesses.

Ambition 3: Drive more Wakefield businesses to work for the benefit of Wakefield.


  • Redirect more spend from Wakefield businesses back into the district.
  • Better connect more local people to quality jobs.
  • Increase private funding to stimulate regeneration and job creation.


  • More business opportunities and supply chains created locally.
  • More local people can access quality employment opportunities.
  • More investment is made in our places.


  • Increased Earnings.
  • Reduced Deprivation.
  • Reduced Health Inequality.
  • Thriving Communities.
  • Highter Quality Environment.

Over the coming months we will begin working with key partners from across the district to realise these ambitions for the benefit of local people, businesses, and places.Updates will be posted on this page as our work progress.

To read the full Wakefield Economic Wellbeing Strategy CLICK HERE.

To read the accessible version of the document CLICK HERE.