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13 October 2022 — 9:30am to 11:00am

Venue: Online Event

An interactive and informative bumper 90 minute workshop with useful hints and tips of how to effectively pitch your business...

About this event

Pitching your Business

Now more than ever you need to know and be skilled at articulating WHY your business matters to your potential customers. WHY should they engage and WHY they should care enough to continue engaging. These are tough times and those that can make an impact and impression will be ready to get through this and ready to take their business forward at pace once we get there. Learning how to pitch might just make the difference between success and struggle throughout the current challenges.

This interactive and thought-provoking webinar will genuinely blow your socks off and re-energise you and your business for the challenges ahead.


- Identify Your Target Audience
- Create a Clear & Targeted Sales Message - Advantages v Features
- Building a Simple Effective Pitch Structure
- The What. How & Why Principle
- Pitching to Buying Drivers
- Delivering With Consistency & Passion

This webinar is being delivered by Nick Bramley from IMPACTUS Group. It has been receiving fantastic feedback as a classroom workshop. This webinar will be no different. Whatever your level of experience. from novice to experienced. you will take away a host of practical tips and actions to really support your business aspirations going forward.

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