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19 October 2022 — 9:30am to 11:30am

Venue: Online Event

Visual Content for Social Media & Online Marketing - A three part series helping you create professional and engaging visual content...

Now more than ever businesses need to make the most of marketing their services online.

As a result of the impacts of COVID 19 and changes to how we can reach our customer. we are seeing more activity on social media.

To stay seen. you need to make sure you are visible. your content is professional and that you stand out from the rest.

We know it’s tough to create stand out content. and even more so when you are bootstrapping and on a budget!

To help you make the right impression as we start on the possibly long road to recovery. we have created a series of events delivered by experts in their field to give you the skills you need to be seen and heard by your target customers. and to make your social media and digital marketing as good as it can be.

The three sessions will look at how to apply your content to your social media channels to get the best impact. and how to create and use photography and video using your own smartphone.

Book all three sessions to get the most out of this invaluable and informative series.

Top Tips for Pro Pics - Products. Services & PR

The photos your business uses on social media will greatly influence your customers’ perceptions and opinions about you. and can give you a real edge over your competitors.

To help you gain this essential edge and produce engaging images. professional commercial photographer Heather Magner. of Northern Exposure has put together a bitesize introduction to social media business photography. using only your smartphone.

In just an hour. Heather will cover:

• Setting up your camera phone properly

• Tips on WHAT to emphasise. and WHY

• HOW to shoot and WHEN

• Which shape photos are best for Twitter. Instagram. Facebook. Pinterest & LinkedIn

• Give you valuable advice on Press and PR photos

You really won’t want to miss this!

To get the most out of the series. book on all three sessions. Links to the other events in the series are here:

Video like a Pro – On your smartphone!

Visual Media – Work that content!

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