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05 April 2023 — All day

Venue: Online event

An interactive and informative workshop to help you understand how to effectively negotiate and close within business...

When you start, develop and grow your business, there are two things you will need to do well to maximise your performance – Buy the products & services your business needs at the right price and sell your own products & services to customers and clients, also at the right price. Every business could benefit from the skills required to both buy and sell effectively and even knowing the “rules of the game” would be a great help to many, especially in the early days.

In these challenging times, how do you still balance the need to be considerate of your customers’ challenges with the need to stay in business through the current crisis? Whether selling products or services, materials or expertise, the art of negotiation is indeed that, an art.

In addition to negotiation this 1 hour webinar shares a host of tips on how to effectively close conversations into opportunities, opportunities into potential deals and potential deals into sales, even in the current climate. This is another game-changing webinar.

Key Objectives

  • What Is Controllable & In Your Sphere of Influence?
  • Principles of Effective Negotiation
  • The Structure of Negotiations – Rules of the Game
  • The Psychology of Persuasion & Influence
  • Win the Winnable
  • Close the Deal

This webinar is another very thought-provoking, interesting, interactive and valuable session for all attendees, and another one not to miss. Hosted by Nick Bramley, CEO of IMPACTUS Group, a regular and popular classroom workshop host for Ad-venture, if you have seen Nick before, book today for this brand new webinar led session.

If you are interested in this event & would like to attend register your place here.