30 July 2020

The British Premium Sausage Company based in Normanton Wakefield are fighting back during the coronavirus pandemic through growing their offering in products and services by venturing into the Vegan food market.

It all started from a small but perfectly formed’ food making facility in Bradford, West Yorkshire and the business already has decades of experience in supplying hotels, restaurants and food servicing businesses throughout the UK, Europe and beyond providing customers with a premium quality service at a premium value, something that is at the very core of the business which makes the fast-growing company stand out from the rest.

The business currently manufacturer numerous lines in Normanton Wakefield which includes a portfolio of tasty products such as burgers, chorizo and not to forget an award-winning sausage recipe! The company is now focusing their passion in creating an alternative line of delicious vegan products by converting their site in Iron works Park Bradford fit for purpose which has been facilitated by the Wakefield First Business Support Team as part of Wakefield Council who have supported the reputable manufacturer with their application for a successful Business Growth grant via the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership programme in which they were awarded £52,000.

The Business Growth grant will help The British Premium Sausage Company kick-start their new business venture helping with fit out and new machinery to bring their new products Vegan Sausage, Vegan Burgers, Vegan Hot Dogs, Meatless Balls and Meatless Mince to life by August 2020. The high-quality manufacturing company currently employ 36 amount of employee’s from the Wakefield District, this exciting project will bring about many opportunities of growth for the company in particular through growing the committed team creating three new roles of production assistant and packers potentially more as the company continues to flourish.

Many companies in the district have been going through a difficult and challenging time as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, however, The British Premium Sausage Company have remained resilient have refused to stand still in terms of growth something that is innate to them having purchased specialist Chorizo producer The Bath Pig and acquiring niche ‘beer snack’ supplier Cleaver and Keg.

MD of The British Premium Sausage Company Ian Cundell is extremely excited about the company’s growth and bringing their new passion to life.

“Meat Free days are now becoming the normal for many families, and we felt that some of the Vegan/Vegetarian offerings out there were not particularly good value, or as appealing as they could be. We worked with development chefs both within retail and hospitality to come up with what we feel are a great range of restaurant quality products.

Opening our second factory in Normanton Wakefield and the support we have received from the Wakefield First Business Support Team has allowed us to expand and focus on this new project at a time were a lot of business are downsizing.

For more information and regular updates on British Premium Sausage visit their website here.