Cabinet approves new strategy for Castleford Town Centre

22 November 2022

Wakefield Council’s Cabinet has approved a long-term development plan for Castleford.

Known as the Strategic Regeneration Framework (SRF), it provides a long-term route map for the development of the town that will guide the efforts of public and private sector developers in the town for the next 15 years or more.

The document will form part of the planning process, joining the Aire River Growth Corridor Masterplan, to help the local planning authority make decisions on future planning applications for development in Castleford.

This means all developers will need to consider whether their proposals are in line with the vision outlined by the framework.

The framework contains a range of high-level strategies to help manage change in Castleford.

These cover topics such as:

  • effective land use;
  • connectivity around town;
  • greening;
  • design guidance to help address climate change and
  • guidance to help manage the impact of changing shopping habits on the retail sector.

The document also includes a range of proposed projects which help achieve the vision of:

  • The riverside as a destination;
  • Sagar Street as a key linkage;
  • Henry Moore Square as the heart of the town;
  • A green town centre, including Valley Gardens;
  • Better connections into and around Castleford;
  • A welcoming environment around the bus and train stations;
  • Bringing long term empty buildings back into use and
  • High quality urban living, where appropriate.

It is important that the Council plans effectively for the future of Castleford to be ready for long term trends such as the impact of climate change or shrinking high streets, while ensuring the rich heritage of the town is celebrated and the local economy is strong.

An effective strategy also supports efforts to secure funding the transformational for the town.

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