Works start to clear site for new urban village

23 November 2022

What is anticipated to be a much sought-after residential development on the doorstep of Wakefield city centre is in the making.

Dubbed the Kirkgate Innovative Neighbourhood Gateway in development plans, it will feature contemporary housing.

Demolition of the former ABC cinema is underway and expected to be completed in early 2023 as the first step towards preparing the area for construction.  

The demolition , which started earlier this year, has been delayed due to an unknown watercourse and unrecorded cellars which have been backfilled to enable the safe operation of heavy equipment.

When completed in early 2023, the area will be converted into a temporary open space while the other buildings are removed. Construction is expected to start in 2024 and completed in autumn 2025.

This is one of several projects that will jointly transform the city centre into a thriving and culturally vibrant city by making it adaptable to changing consumer demand and achieving new growth in residential, retail, culture and entertainment sectors.

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Other planned projects include:

  • High-quality offices and a hotel on the site of the Old Westgate Railway Station.
  • Relocation of the Wakefield Library and Museum into the heart of the city centre.
  • Shop improvement grants for businesses on Bread Street.
  • Flexible multi-use outdoors entertainment area in Cathedral Square.
  • Extended food and beverage corridor from Cross Square into Wood Street.
  • New homes and community spaces in Wakefield’s Civic Quarter by Rushbond.
  • Tileyard North - the largest creative industries hub outside of London by CPP.