Horsefair Streets for People scheme being expanded

23 January 2023

Horsefair's award-winning 'Streets for People' remodelling has been expanded to allow changes to junctions on North Baileygate to be incorporated into the scheme.

The changes have been introduced to achieve better traffic flow, following requests from bus operators and the public in response to the three Traffic Regulations Orders that were advertised in late 2022.

The improvement works at North Baileygate will be carried out before the work at Horsefair starts and it’s expected to get underway later this year as soon as road engineers get approval for their new plan.

Horsefair is to become the first ever ‘Streets for People’ project in the Wakefield district with its main aim to give people priority over vehicles.

The project will make Horsefair greener, safer, less polluted and family friendly. It will have more space for walking, cycling or just hanging out with friends. The scheme will also boost visitors to the Castle from town and afar and benefit local businesses with more footfall.

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