24 January 2023

We are thrilled to announce that Forged Spirits, Wakefield’s very own gin and vodka distillery will soon move their HQ to Tileyard North.

Alongside the working distillery they will launch their first hospitality venue aptly named - “The Distillery”.

After its conception in 2018 as a gin brand, Forged Spirits now sees its spirit production passion translate into vodka, and 2023 will witness the first of their rum enter ex-bourbon oak casks. The move to Tileyard North - noted as a dream come true for Forged Spirits and key to their expansion plans - will allow the brand to increase capacity by 400% and meet their ever-increasing demand.

The Distillery Bar - open from 20th January 2023 - is set to welcome both the creative and local community as a morning-to-night art deco inspired bar. During the day, make it your new spot for a meeting, sip on a cocktail in the sun-trapped courtyard or enjoy locally roasted artisan coffee while watching the distillation process in full swing through a viewing window. As the day progresses, the bar will come alive with live music, DJs, or background music suited to the current clientele, bringing the 19th-century space to life. Expect speciality cocktails, a fabulous wine selection or beer to be enjoyed amongst friends.

Tileyard’s Co-Founder Nick Keynes, who has been integral to building the relationship with Forged Spirits in Wakefield, added: “I was fortunate enough to meet Gary over two years ago now and from the moment we started our conversation it was clear to me that he and his wife Victoria possessed passion, drive and commitment, in abundance. The Forged Spirits range, underpinned by their brilliant brand, is absolutely superb … and trust me, I’ve tasted a lot of their gin over the past few months… just to be sure! The Tileyard team couldn’t be happier that Forged Spirits has chosen to build their business out of Tileyard North and we very much look forward to participating in the next phase of their exciting journey.”

Gary and Victoria of Forged Spirits celebrated the announcement and said: “To have our new home at TYN is one of the best things that has happened on our journey. We are so excited about the community we are joining. TYN is more than just a location, it is a buzzing community, a beating heart of creativity and we are so lucky to be one of the first residents. The idea of bringing people to our stunning HQ in 2023 is something we never thought would come true. “Having a full-service bar at the distillery's site was always the plan as we think the two are intrinsically linked.

We have always had great support from our hospitality customers and wanted to build on what we have learnt from them, building an experience that appealed to all age groups, where they can all come together and enjoy a drink. We hope our spirits echo that sentiment as we have everything from flavoured vodka to award-winning classic London Dry Gin.”

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